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A journey into the heart of the earth

At One Sanctuario - Palomino, Colombia

Jan 2024

Roots Within

"A journey into the heart of the earth"

The local indigenous tribes see the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, as the heart of the earth. Not only because of its magnitude and abundance, but because of its healing properties. 

We were glad to welcome 29 guests to our retreat nestled in the verdant heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains, in the mystical land of Palomino, Colombia. In this serene enclave, where the greenery kisses azure skies, we invited our participants to a transformative retreat of profound self-care, inner discovery, and purposeful tranquillity. A time and space to connect with their inner roots.



From Jan 13th to Jan 18th 2024

Our guests embarked on a transformative journey, engaging in various experiences and practices specifically designed to connect them deeply with their inner selves.

They partook in daily yoga classes that brought harmony to their body and mind, complemented by stimulating hikes across the Sierra's diverse landscapes.

The attendees explored the ancient wisdom of native cultures through transformative ceremonies, including the purifying Temazcal, the heart-opening Cacao, and the grounding Rappé (Tobacco) rituals.

Throughout the retreat, they engaged in somatic movement within dynamic ecstatic dance sessions, enveloped by the uplifting sounds of electronic music, which allowed their spirits to ascend with the beats.

To support their personal journeys, tailored sessions focusing on emotional release were provided, granting them the bravery to let go of burdens that hindered their growth. They deepened their understanding of mental well-being and emotional awareness through interactive workshops and Breathwork, gaining practical and compassionate self-care strategies.

As they traversed this path of deep connection, they received nourishment from three daily wholesome vegan meals.

Furthermore, ample personal leisure time was allotted, enabling them to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of the One Sanctuary. This solitude offered a reflective space to read, journal, or simply contemplate.

This collective journey cultivated a rich environment for deep introspection and serene relaxation.


One Sanctuary

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - Colombia

The place is a natural sanctuary in the middle of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. It is a true hideaway between white-sand Caribbean beaches and glacial rivers that flow from the Sierra Nevada. This territory is the guardian and border of the ancestral path of the Koguis, Arhuacos, Wiwas and Kankuamos. This is one of the most diverse and surprising mountain systems off the coast of South America, among its mountains, jungle, fauna, and flora coexist ancestral indigenous cultures.

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Food & Wellness

The local plant-based culinary experiences and the wellness offerings during the retreat

Plant Based Menu

Vegan recipes based on native ingredients and vegetables that mainly come from local farmers. During the retreat we had a vegan menu including three meals a day (including fresh juice, main dish and dessert).  Coffee and tea were available throughout the day. (Any extra snacks besides the three meals were added to the tab of the individual participant).


The tranquil oasis of One Sanctuario welcomed our guests as the rejuvenating power of touch takes center stage in the expansive array of massage offerings. Designed to rejuvenate the body, calm the mind, and revitalize the spirit, the treatments were an invitation to a world of serenity and deep relaxation.


Our beautiful cabañas or glampings

Family Cabin

Two queen beds + 2 single beds

This cabin fits up to four people, and it includes a bathroom + private patio and private small pool.

Deluxe Cabin

One king-size bed + one single bed.

Ideally for a couple or a group of friends. This deluxe cabin includes its bathroom + private patio and private small pool.

All cabin rooms include their own private toilet with an open-air shower and warm water, beds with cotton mosquito nets and Serta mattresses, a private terrace, and chilling hammocks.

Each cabin includes their own "private small pool".

Private Glamping 

Up to two people (two single beds or a double bed for a couple).

Exterior shared toilet.


Learn more about the offerings we had during this retreat



On the next retreat



“It was a great experience!
As intended, I really felt the reconnection to myself. Loving community, great balance between yoga, meditation and workshops and the right place to calm down. Thank you!"

Marcus Stock, Germany

Reconecta 2023 Retreat


Frequently asked questions

What is included in retreat?

- Acommodation 

- Three vegan meals a day 

- Daily morning and afternoon Yoga classes

- Pranayama 

- Workshops of preventive mental health care and emotional consciousness

- Ceremonies of Cacao, Temezcal and Rappé

- 1-to-1 Sessions of emotional release

- Ecstatic dance with electronic music

What is not included in retreat fees?

- Flights to Santa Marta, Colombia

- Transport to the venue

- Any additional snacks and drinks

- Massages and other wellness offerings

- Travel insurance

After the deposit when is the rest of the payment due​?

The rest of the payment is to issue until 30th of September 2023

Where should I fly to?

Santa Marta, Simon Bolivar International Airport.

How do I get from the airport to the retreat center?

We will work with the team at One Santuario to coordinate airport shuttles. Shuttle costs are not included in registration and are paid in cash directly to your driver.  We will book shuttles for those arriving at similar times, so that the shuttle costs are shared.  We'll email each group, so you know who you are meeting at the airport, and so that you have a sense of the estimated cost.

Is the deposit of 500 refundable?

The deposit of 500€ to reserve your spot at the retreat is not refundable.

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