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A space to reconect with yourself 

At Yay Sustainable - Guachaca, Colombia

January 2023



Our participants immersed themselves in a transformative journey where they had the chance to engage in diverse experiences and potent practices, all curated to connect them in the deepest corners of their being.

They enjoyed daily yoga classes that aligned their bodies and minds, and invigorating hikes through the canvas of the Sierra Nevada.

The invitation was extended to delve into the age-old wisdom of native cultures through transformative ceremonies, such as the cleansing Temazcal, the heart-opening Cacao, and the grounding Rapé (Sacred Tobacco) rituals.

During the retreat, participants experienced somatic movement in vibrant ecstatic dance sessions, all the while bathed in the uplifting harmonies of electronic music, letting their spirits soar on the rhythm of sound.

To facilitate their personal processes, individual sessions centered on emotional release were offered, equipping them with the courage to shed the weights that no longer served their growth. They enhanced their comprehension of mental well-being and emotional consciousness through engaging workshops, offering pragmatic and compassionate self-care tools.

This journey together offered our participants a fertile ground for profound introspection and restful ease.



Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - Colombia

Nestled within the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia, Yay Sustainable offers a secluded retreat amidst white-sand Caribbean beaches and the glacial rivers descending from the Sierra Nevada. The Sierra Nevada stands as the protector and boundary of the sacred trails of the Koguis, Arhuacos, Wiwas, and Kankuamos. This region boasts one of the most varied and astonishing mountain ecosystems along the South American coast, where a rich tapestry of mountains, jungles, wildlife, and vegetation exists alongside ancient indigenous cultures.

The Reconecta Team

“It was a great experience!
As intended, I really felt the reconnection to myself. Loving community, great balance between yoga, meditation and workshops and the right place to calm down. Thank you!"

Marcus Stock, Germany

Reconecta 2023 Retreat


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